My Highlights of CppCon 2018

It’s that special++ time of the year again: CppCon is uploading new videos!

  • Concepts: The Future of Generic Programming by Bjarne Stroustrup.
    Looks like concepts concepts lite is finally ready for C++11 C++14 C++17 C++20 :P
    template<typename T>
    concept EqualityComparable =
      requires(T a, T b) {
        { a == b } -> bool;
        { a != b } -> bool;
    template<typename T>
    concept Sortable =
      && RandomAccess<T>
      && Comparable<ValueType<T>>;
    Yes, please!
  • Simplicity: Not Just For Beginners by Kate Gregory.
    Basically, what "clean code" looks like and how to get there with C++.
  • 105 STL Algorithms in Less Than an Hour by Jonathan Boccara.
    The algorithms start at 10:40.
  • The Nightmare of Initialization in C++ by Nicolai Josuttis.
    A snap-shot of all the initialization options and their idiosyncrasies. Finishing with a plea to move forward with something that is easy to explain to newcomers (i.e. improve the current version of uniform initialization, until it is truly uniform; if I understood correctly).
  • Debugging Linux C++ by Greg Law.
    Introduces the most commonly found debugging tools on linux, and how they tie into each other: GDB, Valgrind, Sanitizers for gcc/clang, rr, ftrace, strace, ltrace, perf trace.

Not your grandfather’s C++ meetup!.

Tip If your mind wanders off too much, set Youtube’s playback speed to 1.25x. This may sound counter-intuitive, especially for deeply technical presentations, but the added speed forces me to pay attention.