Testing and Releasing Hext

A release of Hext consists of about 20 binaries. Automation is key. To avoid surprises on release day, all releases are built on each and every push. GitHub Actions is the perfect tool for this task.

Continuous Integration

  • hext-ci.sh is triggered on every push and pull_request.
  • Builds and runs libhext’s unit tests in debug mode.
  • Checks that the version numbers match in all components of Hext.
  • Static analysis with cppcheck.
  • Black-box tests for the htmlext command-line utility to ensure that subsequent versions of Hext stay backwards compatible.
  • Tests for the command-line switches of the htmlext command-line utility.
  • Blackbox-tests for the language bindings: Python, PHP, Ruby, Node. Consistent behavior of Hext across all language bindings is critical.
  • Regression tests for the languages bindings.

Continuous Delivery

Other automation

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