Thomas Trapp
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I have been a freelancing software developer since 2008. I focus on C++, the web and Linux-based operating systems. Over the years I've gained experience writing a variety of applications:
  • Web: Full-stack web applications, Specialized online stores [↗], Web services, Custom HTTP servers [↗], HTTP Client, Web crawler, Web app penetration testing tool
  • Business: Order fulfillment, Production planning, Customer & Inventory management
  • Desktop: Graphical user interfaces [↗] [↗], Graphics programming [↗], Cross-platform
  • Other: Network programming, Command-line tools [↗] [↗], Libraries [↗], Shell scripting [↗] [↗], Data compression [↗], Data structures & algorithms [↗], System administration, SQL

„Enough talking, show me some code!“ — Check out my latest open source project:
Hext: A domain-specific language for extracting structured data from HTML documents.
Browse the source code on Github.

I live in the beautiful city of Munich and speak both German & English fluently.
Hire me! Just leave a message at and I will get in touch with you.

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