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Plesk, Dovecot and fast mailbox search with Solr

Dovecot supports several indexers to allow for fast full text searching. Dovecot recommends using Apache Solr through the Dovecot plugin fts_solr

On a usual Debian-based system, one would install this plugin through the package dovecot-solr and call it a day. But Plesk ships its own version of dovecot (plesk-dovecot) without Solr support, which conflicts with dovecot-solr.

The obvious solution to this is to purge Plesk from your system, but that might not be possible.

But, you can of course build the fts_solr plugin manually.

You shouldn’t do this, unless you have to. Stuff will break.

mkdir /tmp/dovecot ; cd /tmp/dovecot
# check dovecot's version
apt-cache show plesk-dovecot | grep ^Version
# download dovecot's source for your version
wget https://www.dovecot.org/releases/2.2/dovecot-2.2.??.tar.gz
tar xf dovecot-*tar.gz ; cd dovecot-*/
# install build dependencies
apt-get build-dep dovecot-core
# build dovecot with fts_solr
./configure --with-solr && make
# this is the needed plugin
ls -lh src/plugins/fts-solr/.libs/lib21_fts_solr_plugin.so
# install
cp src/plugins/fts-solr/.libs/lib21_fts_solr_plugin.so \